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Max Toy Winter Wonderfest Tokyo Japan 2012 wrap up

A few images a quick wrap up from this past weekends Wonderfest show. I’m so happy to report that we had our best show ever. Once again, Max Toy Japan representative and good friend, Yo Miyamoto made it all happen.Yes, … Continue reading

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Chiyo-chan and Azumanga Daioh figures

A quick update today … this weekend, 12/18/2011 Max Toy will have a table at a show in Japan called Treasure Festa ! We continue our line of Azumanga Daioh figures that started with Chiyo-chan and Kami Neko .. and … Continue reading

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Chiyo-Chan and Kamineko figures from Azumanga Daioh !

Well the cats sorta outta the bag 😉 via Twitter, so i decided I may as well reveal most of this project in advance of Summer Wonderfest in Japan. This figure is a different release from Max Toys than you … Continue reading

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