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Max Toy Kaiju Battle Royal

I’ve been super busy preparing for Comic Con, Japan’s Wonderfest at the end of July and Singapore Con in Sept  ! While I won’t be going to Japan this painting will be used on header cards and posters for some … Continue reading

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Classic Japanese Space Ray Guns

Its been quite a long time since I’ve blogged about my toy collection… while I don’t buy as much as I use to, I still do find vintage items. Mostly what catches my eye is the odd stuff, or items … Continue reading

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Max Toy Micro Eyezons in Gashapon machines in Japan !

Yes, I know must of you who read this blog are not in Japan .. but if you are or visiting soon visit the OneUp stores where you will find these micro eyezons in gashapon machines ! 😉 I did … Continue reading

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Kaiju Dualos customs

A quick step by step for the two Kaiju Dualos I just completed for a collector. The request was for a Dualos in Galaxy form ( right side ) and a Monster Eyes version ( left side ). What made … Continue reading

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Max Toy UpDates

So here we are almost the mid point of the year .. I thought I was going to take it easy this year .. but the exact opposite has happened ! As the say, “When it rains it pours ” … Continue reading

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