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Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention STGCC 2012

This weekend I’ll be a guest at STGCC in Singapore ! Below are images of the exclusives and customs I’ll be bring along … plus some other Max Toy goodies !!! Special thank you to Rita Magnus for all her … Continue reading

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Max Toy Kaiju Battle Royal by Mark Nagata

I recently finished this painting for a poster and various other upcoming Max Toy uses. Titled “Kaiju Battle Royal”, and featuring almost all of the various Max Toy characters. I work with acrylic paints on illustration board, this one 15 … Continue reading

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Classic Japanese Space Ray Guns

Its been quite a long time since I’ve blogged about my toy collection… while I don’t buy as much as I use to, I still do find vintage items. Mostly what catches my eye is the odd stuff, or items … Continue reading

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Max Toy UpDates

So here we are almost the mid point of the year .. I thought I was going to take it easy this year .. but the exact opposite has happened ! As the say, “When it rains it pours ” … Continue reading

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Kaiju Paint Mask in action

Here’s a quick video of the three way paint mask used for the Lady Darkness figure. This paint mask while very expensive is a true work of art in itself.

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KONATSUNAGATA art show Design Festa Harajuku Japan

KONATSUNAGATA art show – A two person art show featuring artists Konatsu and Mark Nagata. Opens March 31 – April 1st, 2012. Harajuku Design Festa Gallery, East 202 Tokyo , Japan. Original art and Giclee prints, custom painted Kaiju Negora … Continue reading

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Max Toy UpDates Wonder Con show

Only about a week and a half until I leave for Tokyo, Japan ! Still have a few more customs to finish and a couple of small paintings .. which at this point I may or may not even bother … Continue reading

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KING NEGORA !!! Meow !!!!

King Negora – By Mark Nagata, acrylics on canvas 8×10 inches – March 2012 Well no sooner had I knocked out the last set of header cards and blogged about them .. I of course get an email that we … Continue reading

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Kaiju Art … Quickly !

I am often called upon to produce artwork for the header cards that we use to package the figures we make. I love to do them but in the case of this example, I had to paint them in about … Continue reading

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Max Toy show UpDates

‘DOKI-DOKI OSAKA SOFUBI BANPAKU’ – 03/20/12 Our Max Toy Man in Japan, Yo-san will be headed to Osaka for this sofubi toy show. As he explains it … This show is called ‘DOKI-DOKI OSAKA SOFUBI BANPAKU’. Doki-Doki is the sound … Continue reading

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