Max Toy Japan trip February 2013 part 1

While I’ve been to Japan over a dozen times now, each time is different experience. I first traveled to Tokyo as a toy collector back in 2001, before Super7 and Max Toy Company with a small group of collector friends. That trip was memorable on so many levels but the one thing that stands out is the vintage toy stores we saw. I’m glad I got to experience those dusty, cramped stores brimming with treasures galore as they have all but disappeared in this digital age of online store fronts. The trips I take now are for my toy company and to touch base with my friend Yo Miyamoto ( Monster Boogie ) as we plan out Max Toy releases and such. Of course, it’s not all work and we do have some fun and this time that included visiting Master Sofubi caster Shimizu-san. While I don’t venture out of my toy cave too often when I do I’m greeted by many fans and am touched by their enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. My total lack of understanding and speaking Japanese is thankfully not an issue as many fans can converse with me, and actually we have the love of TOYS as our universal language. The current toy scene is thriving with a nice mix of older companies and newer ones in the mix. While the scene a few years ago was quite dire, I left Tokyo feeling that the new influx of collectors is helping the scene. Behind the scenes there’s just as much intrigue and back biting as ever ( haha ), but I’ve resigned myself to this all … I guess it’s just human nature to not get along  ;-P

Todd “mechavirus” Robertson was traveling along with me on this trip and I think it opened his eyes a bit to the toy scene in Tokyo (!)

My trip started at 4 am as i had to take a flight to Los Angeles and than onto Tokyo. I usually go direct from San Francisco, but I guess over all travel to Japan is slow, so for that particular day there was no direct flight .. sniff … the flight from here was delayed so by the time I landed, I had a mad dash done this very long walkway in LAX … !

web1I made it to the gate with 5 minutes till boarding .. phew … flight to Tokyo was uneventful about 12.5 hours.. as i slept off and on … flying these long distances I hate, but what can you do as this is the only way to get to the Land of the Kaiju !

cityOnce I’m in Tokyo, the sensations of sights, sounds and smells awakens my Japanese DNA. I swear by the end of my trips I’m actually thinking I understand people talking Japanese to me (!)

First order of business is getting dinner … Udon !

2013-02-08 18.27.09We check into the hotel in Shinjuku, called the Kadoya Hotel. Its a no frills hotel but the staff is good and can understand simple English. Most importantly it’s a good location to the buses going to and from the airport as well as the subway lines. Todd and i decide to take a stroll around the hotel .. but it’s late and I’m beat .. i kind look like this Rabbit …

2013-02-08 22.16.48

I don’t care what anyone says, only the Japanese can do cute on this level … period.

web19aThe next day we head out to see a art show by artist Click Crack. You may remember his fantastic Eyezon for the 5th Anniversary show.

2013-02-09 12.12.12

ClickCrackHis work is all hand crafted from a patchwork of materials, creating unique pieces… really beautiful work !

2013-02-15 12.24.46Next we are off to Harajuku to see a 3A fan produced show featuring hundreds of examples of these figures (!)

web58It’s a well produced show with nice display cases and hundreds of figures … while i don’t collect 3A, I have to say the bigger Bots are very appealing as are the Girl figures … I’ll have search Ebay for some of them !

2013-02-09 15.11.16web59Time for lunch … this time salisbury steak .. on a sizzling platter … yummy .. I got one with bacon. We have many discussions about upcoming projects that will span well into 2014 and even beyond 😉 In fact, we have one opportunity that will last 2 years .. but more on this later .. lets just say it concerns a character that is very dear to my heart ;-P

web55Snack time ! … these were good … !

web56We saw this car, have no idea the brand but everyone was taking pictures so of course I had to take one too … I don;t know why …

Finally it was time to head over to One Up store. Both Todd and myself judge a Negora Fan custom show at One Up store in Ahkihabara. One Up is a very cool store located in a new building filled with all things Otaku .. and funny to see my logo on the outside sign ;-P

2013-02-09 18.02.16

2013-02-09 18.18.50above, One Up Ken’s massive new, all vinyl figure … it’s like a hunk of carved wood, only it’s soft vinyl … how they molded this I don’t know … cool nonetheless … !

2013-02-09 18.37.53Yajima-san giving Todd some advice on something secret ;-P

DolRoffoDol Roffo and his Negora entry .. always beautiful work and a great guy !

OneUp3I’m so happy many fans tuned out to the shows last night. Was great to see their work up close.. I wish they all could have won.

oneUp4 OneUp6 OneUp8This was my pick for a prize … awesome !

oneUp10 OneUp12 OneUp14 OneUp16 oneUp21Once again, thank you to Ken at One Up, his staff and of course the Fans that worked so hard in making their customs. Thank you all !

2013-02-09 21.05.56Dinner … it’s beef time !

2013-02-09 21.36.17I got a combo of steak and hamburger. I’ve mentioned this before, the protions here are just right .. I know Dead President’s Matt Walker would starve, but the amount of meat was not massive by any means.

2013-02-09 22.06.49Ken remembered my favorite .. Melon Soda with Ice Cream … ! God, I love this … !!!

web48Back at my room, I enjoy this special gift a fan made for me …!!!  😉 When I showed it to Yajima-san, I’d never seen him laugh so hard .. he started to cry he was laughing so hard  ;-D … it does look like me .. haha … !

web63 random TV pics   ;-P Dancing Robot

web69The next day, Sunday, we have a table at Wonder Festival so walking up super early we drive over to the venue about an hour or so from Shinjuku, where we are staying. Set up is straight forward however, Yo has to get paperwork in order, chairs and such .. as I look around the tables start to slowly fill up and various displays are being built around us.

2013-02-10 06.38.22

2013-02-10 06.38.44

calm before the storm … !



web71above, President of Medicom, Akashi-san stops by to take a look at the Max Toy table and admire Makino-san’s sculpting work.

2013-02-10 07.45.54

2013-02-10 07.46.07One day licenses included (left to right ) Neko Musume from GeGe NoKitaro manga, Yotsuba&! , and Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. All sold out !

2013-02-10 07.46.14Todd had some customs as well and they all sold out as well !! Lots of girls came up to him as well .. haha …

2013-02-10 07.46.22The Max Toy gatcha machine was full of Saikobi but they sold out !!

2013-02-10 09.10.24 2013-02-10 09.32.17

We also had these proto sculpts by Makino-san, for the upcoming Dark Robots series .. these are my designs … above Maxx Sentry2013-02-10 09.32.38 2013-02-10 09.33.02

and Maxx Bot, or Captain Maxx bot.2013-02-10 09.34.08

2013-02-10 09.35.52and yes, we are making a tank ! 😉 You can also remove the turrets to place, say a mini Negora and micro Negora co-pilot (!!) or an Eyezon …

2013-02-10 09.36.04

BCyZIRqCIAMsPVK 2013-02-10 09.37.17TOUMA’s Dark Bots …. above and below work in progress sculpts …. awesome !2013-02-10 09.37.41 2013-02-10 09.37.52 2013-02-10 09.38.21

2013-02-10 09.38.38here are some hand attachments for Negora, a rat gun and fish sword !

2013-02-10 09.38.54 2013-02-10 09.39.06 2013-02-10 09.39.47and of course a special helmet.. this one is not done .. so stay tuned … !

2013-02-10 09.41.08 2013-02-10 09.41.23  2013-02-10 09.42.36 2013-02-10 09.42.45 2013-02-10 09.42.54 2013-02-10 09.43.13 2013-02-10 09.43.23

2013-02-10 10.52.42   2013-02-10 11.59.03Australian artist Shane “Tasmanian Devil” Haddy has been in Japan the last 3 months in a work / study with several artist and toy makers in Japan. The result are the two soft vinyl toys above, made under the teachings of Sunguts.

2013-02-10 11.59.11I like the mermaid  😉

Haddy2     Shane and myself at Wonderfest … Shane has lots of energy  0_0

2013-02-10 13.19.56

2013-02-15 12.25.19Oh a nice gift from Dol Roffo !! Dang he’s way too kind … beautiful work as always !

2013-02-10 15.10.02Stopping by the Max Toy table is the one and only Kaji aka Blobpus … fresh from his trip to TAG gallery in LA. Such a talented artist and a master sculptor !

2013-02-10 16.09.12It’s hard for me to balance being a Fan and a toy maker … but i made sure to stop by one of my inspirations, M1-Go’s Yuji Nishimura. Yuji was one of the first to collect these soft vinyl toys ( Bullmark ) but also has amassed the largest toy and TV / Movie prop collection in Japan. The collection is so big he has his own museum … I’ve been there and it was simply jaw dropping … ! Yuji through his company M1-Go paints his figures, too … check out this video !

2013-02-10 10.52.42

2013-02-10 16.26.22I have to say my greatest thrill was to finally meet one of the founders of Bullmark, Saburo Ishizuki. As we talked and he found out I was from San Francisco, he said that Bullmark had imported vinyls there back in the mid 70s. I told him thats how i came to buy Bullmarks when i was 10 years old ;-P I always think it’s neat and strange at the same time when my worlds collide and get to meet creators and artists … yes surreal for sure !

You can also see whats for sale via their web page here –

2013-02-10 17.07.57After a long day that’s it… table cleaned up and we are done for this show. Look for Max Toys at Summer Wonderfest 2013 … though i will not be there as I’ll be at SDCC.

2013-02-10 19.31.47Finally met Saikobi creator .. who gave me this very cute Dog finger puppet.

2013-02-10 19.05.40Dinner was Viking Style or All You Can Eat dinner … yummy !!

2013-02-10 18.46.00

web64I slept like a rock and barely got up to my alarm … today we have an easy day of it, it’s Monday and a Holiday for Japan. Its crowded as we get onto the subway to head over to Nakano Sunshine Mall with Mandarake and tons of stores.

2013-02-11 13.09.37One Up has there original location here .. they had a nice selection of Max Toys on display as well.

2013-02-11 13.26.59I was a good boy and though i was tempted to buy some vintage items … I held back ;-P I was happy enough to see first hand some really rare figures, like ones in the $10,000 range so that was fun.

2013-02-11 14.46.55Time for lunch as we head off into the back streets around the mall …

2013-02-11 14.55.44We decide on Okonomiyaki, but Hiroshima style … a favorite of Yo’s.

2013-02-11 14.59.57 2013-02-11 15.07.24All I can say is it was flat out fantastic meal ! I savoured every bite !

2013-02-11 16.16.20  So one of the missions today was to look for some Japanese YuGiOh cards for the boy .. we randomly found this place and I was able to score some cards. I wish Max was along as I’m sure he would have seen cards he needed .. plus he could have joined in on a game or two  ;-P I’m going to take him along next year, by which time he should be able to speak some Japanese, since he’s studying it now ;-P

2013-02-11 19.50.23We also searched a Toys R Us but nothing on Max’s list was to be found … time for dinner  ;-P This time we found a GoGo Curry … yummy ! Though I should have gotten the Devilman curry set !2013-02-11 19.53.19 2013-02-11 19.53.54mmmmmm, curry ……

2013-02-12 07.50.31 2013-02-12 07.51.16Tuesday and the last full day of the trip .. starts with McD’s  ;-P

2013-02-12 09.02.46Today we are off to see the Wizard .. not of Oz, but even better … Master Soft Vinyl ( Sofubi ) caster, Shimizu-san !!2013-02-12 10.26.05 2013-02-12 10.53.31  Lady Darkness, fresh from the iron molds !2013-02-12 11.24.34Just a small teaser for my next report, which will be about my visit to Shimizu-sans vinyl factory 😉

2013-02-12 12.18.18Back on the subway and off to see Dream Rocket Yajima-san !

web12We partake in Chinese food, but truth be told, I have not had good Chinese food in Japan .. I’m sure it exists but this food seemed more Japanese in approach … haha …

web14web13 Secret meeting takes place … hee hee ….

2013-02-12 13.53.02This Cobraman will be a Max Toy exclusive (!!) Hand painted by Yajima-san !! .. details soon … really beautiful work !

2013-02-12 14.59.54after lunch, we head off to a dessert place … and more discussions …

2013-02-12 17.50.47This being the final night we head off to Shibuya and a dinner with artists, Theresa, Miroc, Tulip and Makino-san.2013-02-12 18.18.59The specialty here is Beef Tongue … which was quite tasty … although both Todd and decided it best to not think about where the beef was coming from exactly  ;-P2013-02-12 19.50.07Artist Miroc2013-02-12 19.50.50Artists Theresa, Tulip and Makino

2013-02-12 19.51.57Todd, after 3 beers … enjoying himself … !2013-02-12 22.46.50 2013-02-12 22.47.05

2013-02-13 12.11.47I got to the airport early so walked around aimlessly inside….  😉

2013-02-13 12.33.57Final meal in Japan, has to be Sushi … yummy ! Back onto the packed plane for a direct flight home. I’ll be back in November for Design Festa and we have some special projects to announce over the next few months as well. While I’m not looking forward to the flight back to Japan, I am looking forward to the events we have planned and of course the chance to meet more artists, new and old.

Next Blog, Shimizu-san Sofubi Master !

About toykarma

Over the years Mark Nagata has collected thousands of toys and a fair amount of titles. The man behind San Francisco-based Max Toy Company is widely known as: Toy Collector. Illustrator. Magazine Founder/Publisher. Toy Designer. Artist. Author. Husband. Father. But the one description that might fit best is an unofficial one – Kaiju Toy and Art Ambassador. In the Japanese-inspired art and toy area, as well as throughout the larger toy collecting community, Mark is welcomed and recognized for his personal passion and commitment to supporting artists all around the world and the unique works they create. Beginning as a collector in his youth, Mark has had for years a keen eye for great art and a personal interest in collecting that he has spread through a variety of outlets. Trained at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, Mark honed his skills working for himself and for some of the most notable businesses in the country. As a freelance commercial illustrator, he completed works for such prominent companies as Lucasfilms, DC Comics, Hasbro Toys, IBM, Sony, and numerous advertising and design firms, both national and international. Mark’s colorful style graces over 40 cover paintings for R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps book series – Give Yourself Goosebumps. After hundreds of assignments, Mark made the decision to move in another direction, and that choice has led to whole new career as a successful businessman. For four years, the owner of one of the largest Ultraman toy collections in the world co-published Super 7 Magazine showcasing the finest in Japanese toy collecting. “I’d been collecting Japanese toys all along and suddenly realized it would be cool to have a magazine of some type devoted to them,” Nagata says. Mark’s devotion to presenting collectors with a selection of original figures inspired by classic Japanese toys from the 1960s and ‘70s as well as new versions of licensed Japanese characters is at the heart of Max Toy Company. Named for his son, Max Toys specializes in custom and limited editions of “kaiju” (Japanese monsters) toys and artwork. Many of the original toys produced are hand painted by Mark, a tradition that goes back to Japanese toy makers of the past. “Since our target is the soft vinyl Japanese toy collector, which is a very small niche, our runs of toys can be extremely small,” Mark says. “Runs range from 500 pieces of one toy to just one for a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind custom figure.” Through Max Toys, Mark has taken great pains to widen the reach of his two passions – toys and art. He played a significant part in the development of the first group kaiju show in the United States. Held at the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, Illinois in 2007, the “Toy Karma” Show featured detailed work from artists from Japan, the U.S. and South America. Participants marveled at the custom-painted toys and art on display. “Toy Karma” led to Mark being asked to be one of the artists spotlighted in the “Beyond Ultraman: Seven Artists Explore the Vinyl Frontier” exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The October 2007 show, held jointly with the Los Angeles Toy, Doll and Amusement Museum, marked the first time – in a museum setting – that the influence of Japanese toys on California artists was explored. The exhibit featured more than 30 of Mark’s original paintings, toys and a selection of his vintage toy collection. Mark continued to be at the forefront as interest in Japanese-inspired art and toys expanded in 2008. Prestigious art houses Philips De Pury and Christie’s in New York and London sold Mark’s hand-painted custom kaiju toys in its auctions, spreading this unique art and toy movement into new and uncharted areas of the art world. In 2009, Mark once again took his love of toys and art overseas this time to a receptive and welcoming audience in Tokyo, Japan. Here, Mark curated the “Kaiju Comrades” Art Show, once again bringing together artists from various aspects of the kaiju toy realm in this first-of-its-kind toy art show. The following year found Mark in Barcelona, Spain co-curating with Emilio Garcia “Kaiju Attack,” the European country’s first kaiju art show. As the growth of kaiju art and toys increases worldwide, Mark continues in his unofficial role of Kaiju Toy and Art Ambassador. He has written and had his artwork and toy designs included in several books and magazines, both domestic and international. In 2010, Mark served as guest lecturer on kaiju and the toy-making process at the Morikami Museum in Florida. The San Francisco resident and his art can also be spotted in the first volume of the “ToyPunks” DVD and the “Toys R Us” DVD, while the video for the number one song by Owl City “Fireflies” featured Mark’s popular Kaiju Eyezon character. During this same time period, Mark has spearheaded the “Toy Karma 2” and “Kaiju Comrades 2” shows and has plans for future shows both in the U.S. and overseas. “Max Toys allows me to produce original artwork, new toys and work directly with a lot of talented artists,” Mark says. “Max Toy is a synthesis of toys and art, both life-long passions.”
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